The following services are offered by Inoserv

 At Inoserv, Inc. we believe that your computing experience is constantly changing along with your needs. Gone are the days when there was just one PC connected by a phone line to a bulletin board system. Presently, your computing experience contains many components such as hardware, Internet access, networking capability and interactive sites. Therefore, we believe in the importance of understanding the many aspects and in providing the total solution. Our  consulting services are designed to help you in any stage of the process.  

Why Hire an Internet Consultant?  [Top]

While it is very ambitious to do it all yourself, there can be great advantages in recruiting help.  Ultimately, you may want to develop web expertise in-house, but in the beginning it is often preferable to hire an Internet Consultant, particularly if you want to get your site up quickly or plan a site that involves complicated scripts and programming. That is where professional web site management from Inoserv, Inc. will help. 

The expertise of an experienced Internet consultant can be invaluable to your business/organization; a consultant can save you time and money, help your business/organization gain the most from your site, and market your site to bring in new visitors and existing members.

An experienced Internet Consultant can: [Top]

  • Plan and conceptualize your network or web site from ground up
  • Create the Web site
  • Manage the entire project
  • Organize your staff/contractors
  • Purchase the necesary hardware and software
  • Promote the web site

Website /e-commerce planning and design. [Top]

 We assist you in the various stages such as determining your goals, audience, content, graphics, layout and presentation of content.

Website management and hosting [Top]

 Along with hosting your world class site, we will also update your dynamic site as often as you like to keep content fresh and lively. Or, if you already have an account with an Internet service provider (ISP), and wish to handle maintenance and upkeep of your web site yourself, we will be happy to work with you and your ISP to accomplish this.

Custom programming [Top]

 Have unique needs or more advanced requirements? We can help you add back-end functionality by usage of PERL, Javascipt and ASP applications.

Database integration [Top]

Database driven sites have become the norm to add functionality to sites. This allows visitors to access stored information which makes a site truly interactive. Let us show you how it's done.

Network design, implementation and installation. [Top]

 Interested in connecting your PC's together, building a LAN or adding Internet  access to your office or home office? Give us a call and let us navigate you through the process.

PC support and training. [Top]

 Is the computer world new to you or your business? Are you looking to integrate a web site into your marketing/advertising campaign? Let us train you to get the maximum benefit from your web site.